A podcast visiting…

Zero-waste restaurants / Volunteer-led urban farms / A Michelin-star chef running a soup kitchen / Locals and refugees cooking pop-up dinners

Join us as we travel through Europe to visit a series of projects and charities aiming to reduce food waste, fight food poverty and bring people from all walks of life together through cooking!

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Waste is a failure of the imagination.

Douglas McMaster, Chef at Silo,
Brighton, UK’s first zero-waste restaurant

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.

James Beard, Cook

Everyone in the world can do a little step
(to fight food waste). But if we all do steps, we’re going to be revolutionary because all together, we’re going to be very loud.

Massimo Bottura,
Chef at Osteria Francescana & Founder Food for Soul

Cooking makes it possible to go beyond status, to discover other people’s worlds, by sharing what is both most singular and most universal.

Refugee Food Festival

Roughly 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted (FAO, UN).