What’s this all about?!

Over the course of 9 months (September 2018 – May 2019), we will be visiting a number of charities, social enterprises and start-ups that are doing amazing things around food. Some are looking at improving the production side of things (think self-sustainable farms, urban rooftop bee-keepers, inner city farming projects), whilst others are trying to reduce the amount of food that ends up getting wasted (“rescued”-food pop-up dinners, community fridges, food-sharing apps).
A number of projects are also trying to reduce food poverty, whilst simultaneously promoting social inclusion of disadvantaged populations (…pay-it-forward cafés, cooking courses between refugees and locals). As James Beard put it: „Food is our common ground, a universal experience“. And so, breaking down walls between people by simply getting them to sit down and share a meal with one another seems a great place to start.
Each podcast episode will tell the story of one project and the people behind it.
Listen to our latest episode here!
Where we can be of help, we’ll volunteer with these projects to gain some better insights into their daily routines, before interviewing the individuals who are actively trying to improve food sustainability and reduce food poverty across Europe!
So, loads of chats with interesting, passionate people to look forward to! 🙂


A podcast about activism and sustainability in the food world.

Who we are.

Benvenuti! We’re Jana and Silvia  two recent graduates from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Having met in our first year (two nervous freshers at a volleyball social), four years on we will be travelling, volunteering and chatting our way through Europe together.

Silvia studied Management; Jana studied Psychology – now they’re studying the manual of the microphones they got themselves for the upcoming year (help?! All the gear and…) 

Jana is from Germany (but don’t worry she’s been practicing her podcasting voice). Silvia is from Italy (and you will hear it).


The R&A International Travel Scholarship

In celebration of the University of St Andrews‚ 600th Anniversary, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club set up the International Travel Scholarship to help fund the travels of a small group of students each year. Now in its sixth year, five students have been awarded the scholarship to pursue their year-long travels. To find out more about the scholarship click here and read about the projects of the other scholars below!

The Other R&A Scholars

Alex and Merlin will be biking 10,000km from Cairo to the Cape on a tandem! All whilst distributing 2000 Arclights – diagnostic tools that help prevent blindness and deafness. Follow their incredible adventure here!

Emily will be travelling through Latin America and East Africa with the project ‘The Right to Read’, working with organisations that combat poverty through improving access to education. Keep up to date with the great work she’s doing through her blog!