Banco Alimentare

Banco Alimentare Lombardia

18 000 Tonnes of Food

Sunday, 24th March 2019.

Another Sunday, another (mini-)episode. This week we meet the food bank of the Lombardia region in Northern Italy.

You will find food banks in most bigger cities across Europe. The concept is a familiar one: ‘surplus’ or donated food is collected and redistributed to those in need. A simple idea – often a logistical nightmare to execute. We thought it was about time for us to go behind the scenes of such a non-profit, to understand the simple, but absolutely essential work of these organisations.

In 2017 alone, the Banco Alimentare Lombardia, redistributed 18 000 tons of food (of which 10 800 tons were ‘saved’) to over 200 000 people. We had a hard time imagining what those numbers actually mean, before visiting the huge warehouse outside Milan, where all this food is delivered, sorted and redistributed.

Tune in for our final episode in the Milan series before we head up North!

Thank you to Francesco, Giulia and Giorgio.