Boodla: Urban Living & Gardening

All photos from Boodla.

Bridging the Gap Between Nature and Urban Areas.

Bo and Odlad translate to living and gardening in Swedish.

The people behind Boodla believe that you should be able to grow your own vegetables, wherever you may live. The team at Boodla set out to realise this ideal back in 2012, but not everyone understood why Agnes and her colleagues wanted to spread urban gardening back then.

Municipalities and an increasing number of people in Stockholm have since then changed their mind. Not only is it possible to grow veg all across the city (even in the cold Swedish winters!), but it helps build communities. More often than not, neighbours have become friends by spending time together in (urban) nature and by sharing the excitement of seeing a seed turn into something to harvest. No matter their different cultural, religious or political backgrounds.

From Boodla’s Pippi Longstocking-style country house, Agnes and Ernesto tell us that we can’t make this world sustainable, if the majority of the population is scared of nature. We discuss why our relationship with food has changed so much in the past decades and why urban gardening is a viable solution to this problem.

Thank you to Agnes and Ernesto.