Breadhouses Network

‘We’re All Made from the Same Dough’

The one thing you will find in basically every culture no matter where you are in the world? Bread. The one thing everybody loves?! Warm bread! The one thing everyone has the ability to make (perhaps after a little guidance)?? BREAD!!!

That is why the Breadhouses Network uses bread-making as a tool for community-building to unite people of all ages, ethnic and religious backgrounds, genders, special needs, occupations and incomes.

With its roots in Bulgaria, this collective method has spread across the globe and was awarded the UN’s ‘Intercultural Innovations Award 2016’ and the ‘Iconic Innovative Trailblazers of the Decade Award 2016’ by the World Women Economic Forum.

This week we chat with Sandra and Zdrava about the power of collective bread-making and our time at the Sofia Bread House.

Tune in to find out how they are ‘b(re)aking bread and borders’, why they’re ‘baking bread in the dark’ and what their famous “theatre of crumbs” is all about!

Thank you to Sandra Topalska, Zdrava Vodenicharova and the Breadhouse team.