BUGZZ: The Protein of the Future

All photos by Bugzz.

Insecuisine and why Crickets are better than Cows.

Sunday, April 5th 2019.

Mealworms. Grasshoppers. Crickets. Buffalo worms… not most people think of these as food. BUT, insects are some of the most sustainable and efficient sources of animal protein that there are. Patrick, who’s got a background in economics, co-founded Bugzz because he simply couldn’t ignore the numbers: it takes 2000L of water to make 1kg of beef – it takes 1L to make 1kg of crickets. It takes 10 kg of feed to make 1kg of beef vs. 1.7kg for crickets. Producing 100g of beef steak releases 750g of greenhouse gases… 100 times more than the amount released when producing the same weight of crickets.

So why are we still eating beef burgers?!
Changing people’s minds when it comes to food is not an easy task. Patrick tells us that when you set out to break eating habits, and change food cultures, you’re basically fighting evolution (we learn at a young age what’s ‘safe’ to eat and what’s not: potentially dangerous = gross!).

For years, he has taken his insect-serving food truck to music festivals to try and convince the crowds of his ‘insecuisine’. Turns out you can predict willingness to try insects from a person’s music taste – so, who do you think makes the better insect eating crowd: hard-techno fiends or country enthusiasts??

Patrick also runs school workshops to try and shift the perception of bug-eating amongst the next generation, and is also testing out his ‘get-‘em-while-they’re-young’ theory with his 2-year old daughter. And it seems to be working.

So, if at the beginning it was all a matter of numbers, and logic, now Bugzz has turned into a study in behavioural psychology. Patrick understands why people flinch at the idea of a grilled grasshopper, but he also knows that, usually he can change their mind. He just needs them to try one. Tune in to find out how a joke amongst friends over a shared ‘mealworm’ pasta recipe, turned into a life-changing start-up.

Thank you to Patrick Hurd.