Dolci Evasioni

L'Arcolaio: Dolci Evasioni

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Biscotti from Prison

For most inmates working jobs during their sentences, work will either mean being placed in the prison’s laundry, the canteen or perhaps the cleaning crew. But not for 8 inmates of Syracuse prison. They spend their days piping pistachio biscotti, roasting almonds and covering dried oranges in chocolate.

L’Arcolaio is a social cooperative that has been running a confectionary production in Syracuse prison for over 10 years. In this weeks episode, we visit this prison, meet the baking inmates and learn how L’Arcolaio is working to create paths of social and occupational reintegration for convicts… through baking.

Tune in to learn how Dolci Evasioni (yep, the biscuits are called sweet escapes) are made, and to find out how many other prison-related puns co-ops across Italy have come up with. (Turns out, many.)