Fontana Murata

Fontana Murata: Arriving on Ambrogio's Farm!

From Munich to Palermo – we are in Sicily folks!

What a change in scenery compared to our previous project in Germany. For the next three weeks we’ll be staying in a farm near Palermo… Ambrogio’s farm – what a man and what a place! We are surrounded by olive trees, fields of tomatoes and grains, fruit orchards, veg patches – all scattered with chicken and the most adorable goat kids (the youngest is 2 days old!). We don’t need to leave the farm to shop for food – this paradise provides you with everything you could possibly need, and want! Ambrogio promotes a respect for nature through his work. He is an advocate of organic and ethical farming and has been around for a while. It was fascinating to talk to someone so knowledgeable when it comes to modern agriculture and its‘ evolvement over the past decades. Tune in for a wholesome Sicilian getaway!