Food For Soul

Food For Soul

Refettorio Ambrosiano, Milano

Social Tables Ghirlandina, Modena

Social Tables Antoniano Onlus, Bologna

The Value of a Shared Meal.

We’re halfway through our travels… this podcasting thing is growing on us and today we have a very special conversation with Camilla Capasso from Food for Soul.

In the summer of 2015, Chef Massimo Bottura opened the first ‘Refettorio’ in Milan as a pop-up. It quickly gained support, so Food for Soul was born and more ‘Refettorios’ were opened: first Rio, then London, most recently Paris. In parallel, the organisation started weekly ‘Social Tables’ in Bologna, Modena and Napoli.

Food for Soul sets up beautiful community kitchen spaces, in a fight against food waste and social isolation. It’s about much more than just the food they’re serving. They aim to inspire cultural change in the surrounding communities, so that these may rediscover the value of the abandoned – whether this be buildings, food, people. Above all, Food for Soul hopes to restore the dignity of people in situations of social vulnerability through hospitality – in a great collaboration between chefs, artists, designers and food suppliers.

We are to tell you that this is all real, and also sort of magic. We spent the past weeks at three out of the four italian locations and saw first-hand the power of a shared meal.

Thank you to Camilla Capasso.