Habibi & Hawara

Habibi & Hawara

Where Falafel are Followed by Apfelstrudel.

What do Silvia, Jana and Ban Ki-Moon have in common? All three ate and loved the falafel served at ‘Habibi & Hawara’ – an Austrian Oriental restaurant in the centre of Vienna. Opening its doors in 2016, this social enterprise was born in response to the wave of refugees arriving in Austria in the summer of 2015.

“Food is a story, food can be the feeling of home, food can be a lot.”

We sat down with Katha Schinkinger, one of the founders and current director of ‚Habibi & Hawara‘, to discuss how food can act as a universal language between people, when they share no other common language.

But what ‘Habibi & Hawara’ is serving up is #notjustfood. This bustling restaurant acts as an incubator for entrepreneurs, aiming to provide refugees and migrants with the training and opportunities needed to open their own enterprises.

Tune in to learn about this unique social eatery and to hear us gush about their vibrantly, brimming buffet.

Thank you to Katha Schinkinger.