Kuchentratsch: Grandmas Who Bake

‘When You Crave Grandma’s Cake’

This story begins with a student (Katharina) and her craving for cake. Whilst at university, she couldn’t find any cakes that matched the ones her Oma (grandma) would bake for her. She also noticed the lack of places where Omas and Opas can meet and connect with new people.

And so, the idea for Kuchentratsch was born: a social bakery in Munich. A place where Omas and Opas can meet, bake and earn some money on top of their pension – what’s not to love? Omakuchen to fight social isolation and poverty amongst the elderly. Omakuchen to satisfy that craving for some oh-so-good-oma-baking.

Much has changed since Kuchentratsch first turned on their ovens back in 2014. Currently, the team is made up of 39 Omas and Opas, with more hoping to join soon. The Omas have basically become local celebrities with curious TV teams regularly peaking over their shoulders as they whip up their infamous Karotten-, Apfel- or Zupfkuchen … they’ve even been on the German version of Shark Tank!

Thank you to Julia, Oma Irmgard, Oma Helga, Oma Anni, Oma Marion und Oma Renate.

All photos from Kuchentratsch.