Nordic Foodprint

NOFO: Nordic Foodprint

All photos from NOFO.

A Plant-Based Restaurant in Norway, Going Back to the Root(-Vegetable)s.

Today’s hot topic: plant-based food.

We’re discussing the (sometimes) quite controversial topic of vegan food – or as Hanna prefers to call it plant-based – with the founder of Nordic Foodprint (NoFo) in Oslo: Hanna Borg.

Hanna, the 25-year-old restaurateur, is on a mission to change people’s perceptions of plant-based food, and starts by labelling the food in NOFO ‘comfort food’. She is not doing this because it’s the trendy thing to do in food right now, but because of another concerning trend: the environmental degradation of our planet. Reducing the amount of animal products we consume is something each one of us can do to reduce our ‘foodprint’… but Hanna doesn’t stop here.

At NoFo all produce is seasonal and sourced from local farmers. So, you won’t be able to find açai bowls or any exotic ‘superfoods’ in your compostable bowl (did we mention that no plastic is allowed at the restaurant?), because importing these type of vegan in-foods to Norway ‚just doesn’t make any sense‘ (to put it in her words).

This is not a restaurant marketed to vegans – its for everyone, a place where meat eaters and plant-based eaters a leek, can discover new flavours , new ways of cooking and feel inspired.

Thank you to Hanna Borg.