OHNE - Munich's First Packaging-Free Supermarket

Photograph: Fabian Norden

Hannah is the proud owner of OHNE, Munich’s very first packaging-free supermarket. Hannah and her husband opened the shop over 2 years ago, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. Since then their packaging-free shop has become very popular – and for good reason! Whether you’re after dried spices or fresh veg, grains by the gram or oil by the liter, you can get it here completely plastic and package-free. When produce is about to go off, Hannah and her team turn them into delicious lunches served up in the integrated café – minimizing the shop’s food waste even more!

We loved chatting to Hannah, finding out how her choice to go waste-free eventually led to her and her husband opening this shop. We can’t wait to see what’s next for OHNE! Leaving the shop left us inspired and hopeful – are you ready to fall in love with this project? Go have a listen! And find out more about OHNE here.