Cargo-Bikes & Banana Crates

‚Recuperare‘ is Italian for ‚to save‘. And, it is the name of the young and motivated group with whom we’ve spent the past month. Because this is what they do, every day at markets all across Milan.

The ‚Recup‘ volunteers proudly wear a banana printed onto their chests (their symbol of choice, for its unrelenting abundance at the end of markets) as they approach vendor after vendor to ask for leftover produce. Heaving their bounty onto the Ferrari-red cargo bikes they collect between 100 – 600 kg of food. Per market!

Much to the delight of the group of elderly people and individuals from vulnerable groups, who are waiting for them at the pop-up-style-banquet – not just for the food (#notjustfood), but for the friendly company and upbeat conversations. Topics of choice have included: new recipes inspired by the incoming cargo-loads, reviews of current art exhibitions and the transition from telegraph use to the modern telephone (you know, the one that’s connected to the wall by wire).

Anyone is welcome to get involved and everyone is welcome to take some food home. But for the only-integrale-foccacia-eating amongst you… better get there on time.

Thank you to Virginia.