Refettorio Paris

Refettorio Paris au Foyer de la Madeleine

– Feeding Body and Soul –

Sunday, May 19th 2019.

And once again, we’re back with another Food for Soul project! …If you don’t know what we’re talking about, go back to episode 14. If you do, stay here and find out about the Refettorio au Foyer de La Madeleine à Paris!

The setting for the French Refettorio is quite unique: the crypt of the famous Église de la Madeleine. Long, narrow rooms with low ceilings. Artists, architects and designers have turned these dark, Roman corridors into the welcoming community space that it is today – and they’ve done so, using almost exclusively upcycled materials; making it the perfect place to serve ‘upcycled’ (ie. surplus) food to 100 guests each night. People who are homeless, disadvantaged or living in social isolation.

Each night feels like a celebration. And before we joined the team to help prepare these festivities, Déborah and Margaux told us about the highlights of the past year (the Paris project just turned one!); how one of the best Parisian chefs and his team dropped everything to cook up a last-minute meal when a burst pipe flooded the Refettorio’s kitchens, and why they can’t quite predict where they’ll be this time next year.

Thank you to Déborah and Margaux.