Restlos Glücklich

Restlos Glücklich

Cooking to Fight Food Waste.

„Why the heck do we need avocados for breakfast every other day!? They are flown around the whole world, it’s so destroying to the environment. Now, everything is just available all the time.”

Maria – the chef of the Berlin-based food-saving NGO @restlos_gluecklich – points out this absurd reality as we sort through food in the back of one of the NGO’s partnering supermarkets. Food, which is perfectly good, yet unsellable… and therefore would be destined for the bin.

‚Restlos Glüklich‘ means being happy, without leftovers, without waste. This all-female team of food-savers have made it their mission to raise awareness on food waste by hosting educative cooking workshops for both adults and kids. What’s special? They only cook with ‘rescued’ ingredients.

So, if you want to join us on our first food rescue mission, and find out how a group of 6-year-olds master ratatouille to near-Pixar-movie-standards, tune in to this week’s episode.

From unidentifiable fruits, to mushy porridge. From minor band-aid emergencies to reasons why bananas and apples can’t be friends… this week’s got it all!

Thank you to Nina Schroeder & Maria Wagner.