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Rub & Stub - No Surplus Left Behind

Two Steps Ahead: The Surplus Chefs Inspiring a New Type of Gastronomy

Sunday, 24th March 2019.

Back in 2013, when ‘food waste’, and ‘surplus food’ were not buzz words, a one-of-a-kind restaurant open its doors: Rub & Stub. Founded in Copenhagen and run entirely by volunteers, the restaurant cooked solely from surplus food – they were the first ones in Europe. Since then, they have inspired people all over to start similar projects, one being Restlos Glücklich (episode 7) – once again the Danes demonstrate that they are one step ahead of everyone.

During her student years, Maria Abrahamsen started volunteering at ‘Rub & Stub’; she got so passionate about the topic and mission, that when the restaurant closed she decided to continue the ‘Rub & Stub’ legacy – by focusing on education as a social enterprise. Today Maria (now CEO) and her run food waste workshops for adults and kids. They have an ongoing collaboration with the Danish food bank and take on several different projects and partnerships (such as Roskilde Festival – they worked to reduce the amount of food waste produced at the Danish music festival).

We talked to Maria about the challenges of running a unique restaurant such as ‘Rub & Stub’, how improving our food habits is the easiest way to reduce our environmental impact. About the different generations attitudes towards food sustainability, and how education can enable younger generations to make the changes they want to see happen.

As Maria says, want to reduce your food waste? Just look back at how people were doing things a few generations back… Go ask your grandparents!

Thank you to Maria Abrahamsen.