TUNCO: A Meal for a Meal

Small Steps for a Better Food Industry

Sunday, April 28th 2019.

Sometimes travelling can be a turning point. Inspiration can strike when you least expect it. For André, his friend and his brother, this moment happened during a surf trip to El Tunco, Salvador. Every day they ate this amazing stir fry from a small shack by the beach. What if they could make this type of food back home in Oslo? And, what if they could serve it in a new type of restaurant, where for every meal you eat, you donate a meal?

Fast forward a couple of years and this is exactly what they’re doing. The concept is simple: for each meal sold in one of their three Oslo locations, one meal is donated to a child in the village of Mikindani, Kenya. This is where their partner organization Star Of Hope runs a project called „lunch buddy” – a way to incentivise education by providing the school kids with two daily meals.

André tells us about how he went from graduating university with a business degree – and not quite knowing why he had chosen to study business – to travelling the world for two years, before opening TUNCO in 2015..

Thank you to André Ejvu.