Zachraň jídlo

Zachraň jídlo

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by Zachran Jidlo.

Are You Ready for Three-Legged Carrots?

We’re talking about unshapely veg again – waahooo! Who’s excited?!

This week we’re taking you to Prague to meet Anna Strejcová of Zachraň jídlo – the NGO behind Jsem pripraven (“I am Ready”) – an awareness campaign that triggered multiple supermarkets to start selling wonky veg in the Czech Republic. How did they do this? Through ART. And by demonstrating that the Czech people are ready to buy produce in all its weird and beautiful shapes and sizes.

Tune in to find out how one group of friends went from cooking dinner for 1000 people on the central square in Prague, to gleaning tons of apples in the Czech countryside, to creating innovative recipes for their soon-to-be published cookbook (from which Anna shares a delicious and waste-fighting recipe).

Thank you to Anna Strejcová.